Embellish any space with a fun, creative and eye-catching art made by you.  The thick wood sign is strong enough to stand on a table top or shelf on its own.


To help you decide how you want your sign to look, check out our stencil designs and paint colour combos.


Not ready to make your own sign, but would love one made for you?  You can purchase a Ready-Made Thick Wood Sign Kit here.




Included in this kit:

- 7.25" X 7.25" pine wood

- Custom stencil

- Transfer tape

- Weeding tool

- 2 Paint colours*

- 2 Foam brushes

- 400-grit sandpaper

- Detailed instructions


* Additional paint can be purchased here

Note: This thick wood sign has been made using 3 paint colours: white as the background, medium grey along the sides, and rose gold as the stencil.


Finished Size: 7.25" X 7.25"

Recommended Age: 8+ (may need some adult help with stencil)

DIY Thick Wood Sign Kit

Pick your Background Colour
Pick your Stencil Paint