Turn your room into a colourful and magical place with confetti everywhere!  The best is that you get to choose which four colours you'd like, so you can mix and match colours to suit your decor.


What's included:

Each confetti measures 3" X 0.5" and will include 30 of each colour, for a total of 120 confetti.




Our wall decals are made with premium quality vinyl and have a matte finish. They are intended for indoor use and will stick to smooth surfaces (ie. walls, windows, and mirrors, etc.). Once applied to the surface, they can last for approximately 3 years (or more!). Decals are easy to remove but may not reusable.

Please note, colours may look different on different screens and monitors. Thus, what you see on your monitor may be a little different in real life.


The display photo may not show the exact scale so please also double-check that you are happy with the size of the stencils.

Confetti Wall Decals, 4 colours

Pick your 1st vinyl sheet colour
Pick your 2nd vinyl sheet colour
Pick your 3rd vinyl sheet colour