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Picking the perfect stencil design has got to be one of our favourite parts of the process of creating new pieces of art for the home.  Although, sometimes we have difficulty choosing!
Here are some things to consider when picking a stencil design: 
Where would you like to put this artwork up?  
What kind of mood do you want to portray, i.e. Happy? Inspirational? Calming?  
 Are there any particular quotes or sayings that resonate with you?  
 Are these signs serving a more practical purpose? 
 Scroll down to see our selection of stencil designs.  If you have an idea for a stencil and would like one designed for you, we are happy to do so!  Please contact us to let us know.    

Square Stencils

(Recommended for canvas banners and all square wood sign kits)

No product

No product

DIY Framed Wood Sign Kit

DIY Framed Wood Sign Kit

DIY Thick Wood Sign Kit

DIY Thick Wood Sign Kit


Rectangular Stencils

(Recommended for wood sign and pencil case kits)

New Fall Stencils!


Custom Font Selection

To customize your own name sign or pencil case kits, choose one of these fonts below





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